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3.16.16: Secrets of Food Photography & Why You Can't Always Trust Food "Science"

Agustín Nieto via Flickr CC

Gluten-free? Olive or coconut oil for cooking? Mediterranean or paleo? If nutrition is a science, why does the research vary so wildly, and why all the zany correlations between who we are and what we eat? On today’s show, faith, party affiliation and other fictions from food science.

Plus, truth in advertising? Think again. From TV ads, to menus and billboards, we all know food photography looks too good to be edible- today we'll hear the truth behind those perfectly crisped turkeys, immaculately sculpted ice cream cones, and more.  

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Secrets of Food Photography

Angelina Chapin is the blogs editor at The Huffington Post and a contributor to The Guardian, where she recently wrote the article, "WD-40 and Microwaved Tampons: Secrets Of Food Photography Revealed".

Secrets of Food Photography

Why You Can't Always Trust Food Science

Christie Aschwanden is FiveThirtyEight's lead science writer. She recently wrote about why nutrition science is so hard to pin down - and in the process discovered some dubious correlations of her own. "You Can't Trust What You Read About Nutrition."

Why You Can't Always Trust Food "Science"

Almost History

You’ve heard of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell – but what about Rufus Porter?  Casey Herman of Salt Radio has the story of a great inventor who is largely absent from the history books.

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