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3.15.16: Economics of Being Internet Famous & Cash 4 Your Warhol

I Want a Poster via Flickr CC

Today, what's the point of being internet famous if you can't pay the bills? We’ll talk to a YouTube star about the sad economics of internet celebrity.

Plus, "Cash for Your Warhol",  the story of a fake business that became surprisingly real.

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The Economics of Being Internet Famous

Instagram stars who parlay viral moments into a steady cash flow.  But for every multi-million dollar web sensation there are countless artists stuck in a sort of fame-purgatory. As Gaby Dunn puts it,  "Too visible to have ‘real’ jobs, but too broke not to."

Gaby wrote the article "The Sad Economics of Being Famous on the Internet" for Fusion.

The Low-Income Life of the Internet Famous

Cash 4 Your Warhol

Geoff Hargadon is a conceptual artist, financial advisor, and the brains behind “Cash for Your Warhol.”

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Cash 4 Your Warhol

Rodney Learns to Fly

“Biophilia” refers to the instinctive affection humans have for nature. It’s a term that was coined in the mid-80s by renowned biologist E.O. Wilson. Since then, scientists have shown that spending time in green spaces reduces brain fatigue, helps kids handle stress, and improves overall physiology. For those who live in intensely urban environments, connecting with the natural world may provide a literal and figurative lifeline. This story, which comes to us from producer Ari Daniel, is about just such a connection.

This story is part of the STEM Story Project – distributed by PRX and made possible with funds from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. You can listen to it again at    

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