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Word of Mouth

1.28.16: The Diner Primary, Library Privacy, & 10-Minute Writer's Workshop

Courtesy of Darren Garnick

Whether it's a visit to the Red Arrow in Manchester, the Dairy Twirl in Lebanon, or  Howard's up in Colebrook, you cannot campaign for President in New Hampshire without taking in some local flavors.  On today’s show we’ll look at the Granite State's other political stronghold, the diner primary.

Then, after leaking classified documents, Edward Snowden has become the poster child for citizens’ rights to privacy.  But one group was actively rallying against government surveillance long before Snowden blew the whistle...librarians.

And we’ve got another installment of the 10-Minute Writer’s Workshop, Patti Smith shares her writing tips.

Listen to the full show:

The Diner Primary
Tina at the grill at Robie's

Darren Garnick is a writer and contributor to New Hampshire Magazine, where he recently wrote about the relationship between food and the “First in the Nation Primary”.

The Diner Primary

Secession's the Answer

In the winter of 1977, residents of Martha's Vineyard were outraged. A bill in the Massachusetts State Legislature  proposed stripping them of their State Representative, effectively lumping the island  into a larger Cape Cod district. Vineyard Selectmen proposed a radical solution - secession. Producer Sally Helm brings us the story.

You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

Library Privacy

Alison Macrina is a librarian, privacy activist, and founder and director of The Library Freedom Project which has fought to protect the privacy of library users across the country from government surveillance.

Library Privacy

10-Minute Writer's Workshop - Patti Smith

Less than 10 minutes of wisdom with Patti Smith, musician, and National Book Award-winning author of Just Kids and most recently, M Train.

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