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11.12.15: China Needs More Sex Ed, The New Age of Airline Complaints, & The "Reflect" Project

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Last month China ended its controversial one-child policy – but is the change as radical as it’s been made out to be by officials and news outlets? Today, a reporter on China's new "two-child policy"... and why the country really needs to focus on sex-ed. Plus, Millennials are sometimes derided as a generation slacktivists, and don't have the spending power of their elders – but non-profits are betting on them for the future. From socially conscious spending, to gimmicky donation challenges, we explore how Millennials are changing the face of charitable giving.

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China Needs More Sex Ed

In 1979, China introduced its “One-Child Policy” to slow the country’s explosive population growth. It remained controversial until late last month, when the government announced that couples would be allowed to have two children.

 Adam Minteris a writer based in Asia, who’s authored several op-edsadvocating that China overcome some bureaucratic and cultural barriers and improve their record with reproductive freedom and education, starting with sex-ed. 

China Needs More Sex Ed

Why Millennials Give to Charity

College students, recent college graduates, or those just starting a family are not best known for their expendable income. But the 18-32 year-old cohort known as Millennials spends more than one trillion dollars a year - and non-profits and philanthropic organizations are beginning to take note.   

In an article for the Boston Globe, novelist and contributor Melissa Schorrdives into how charities are strategically cultivating the next generation of givers.

Why Millennials Give to Charity

How Some Teens Text 4 Free

While Millennials may be willing to spend dollars on organizations that have social impact, there are other goods and services they think ought to come without a price-tag at all. Jamayah Parish of WUNC Youth Radio reports on how a generation of teenagers has learned to text for free.

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The Golden Age of Airline Complaints

Today, air travel’s long lines, security screenings and cramped conditions contrast sharply with the luxury of mid-century travel…then people dressed up, spread out, and settled in with a smoke and a good meal. On the upside, it has become much easier to get your concerns addressed, even if you’re a rarely travel, and then travel coach.  

Martha C. White wrote for the New York Times about how passengers are using social media to complain about air travel…and why they are getting a lot of attention. 

The Golden Age of Airline Complaints

Reflect: Convicts' Letters to Their Younger Selves

Trent Bellis a Biddeford, Maine-based architectural photographer with an impressive client list. He’s shot enviable interiors and ad campaigns for the likes of Condé Nast Traveler, the New York Times.  But, a few years ago, he started shooting from one of America’s least desirable places – a state penitentiary. Trent joined us to talk with us about his project, Reflect: Convicts’ Letters to Their Younger Selves.

Trent Bell is speaking at TEDxAmoskeagMillyard hosted by Virginia on November 14.   

Reflect: Convicts' Letters to Their Younger Selves

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