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The blogs of Word of Mouth are So, There's That, Inside Word of Mouth, and 11 for '11.

Staff Picks: The Best the Internet Has to Offer as of 9.25.15

Emanuel Smedbol via Cabinporn.com

The Word of Mouth team shares some of their favorite finds from the past week that didn't quite make it to air...

Cabin Porn: My boyfriend has a very pretty piece of land near Saxtons River, VT. We have a wonderful 1962 Yellowstone camper that we love there, but are looking for the right thing to build. I've had cabin lust for sometime, and this week I discovered the Cabin Porn Tumblr. As far as addictions go, I'm thinking it's not such a harmful one. - Virginia

The Best Part of Waking Up is a Lazy Egg in Your Cup: This week I discovered the Sanrio character Gudetama which translates to “lazy egg”. There is something equal parts amusing and revolting about a personified egg. - Logan

Credit http://gph.is/1KUQ4jO

To Be or Not To Be...A Little Bit Chubby?: You know how Hamlet is everyone's favorite tragic hero - often played by the most dashing and slender specimens the acting pool has to offer? Well, Slate has done an investigation that (kind of, maybe) proves them all wrong! Hamlet (probably) isn't very dashing at all! (Full disclosure: I've never liked Hamlet, ever since we had to read it in high school. He's just so whiny!). So my pick is that everyone educates themselves by reading this article. - Molly

Credit http://bit.ly/1FyF237

Dog Days: Megan found this article a couple days ago and since then it's become one of the most popular things we've posted. Because really, with a headline "Man Builds Dog Train," what more do you need to know? 

"Every Space Can Be Made Better": That's all Taylor said about this,  before going on to point out details of the design, and how that too could be improved. 

Credit Athanasia Leivaditou

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