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Word of Mouth

8.18.15: The Free Republic of Liberland & Point and Shoot

Phil Roeder via Flickr CC

Earlier this year, an aspiring Czech politician traveled to a piece of disputed land wedged between Serbia and Croatia , stuck a flag in the earth and declared it a new country. Today we explore one man’s dream to create a libertarian utopia on 3-square miles of mosquito-infested marshland. Plus, the story of a lost thrill-seeker from Baltimore who crossed the Middle-East by motorcycle, joined the Libyan revolution, and captured it all on film. Plus, a tale of Cold War corn diplomacy. 

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Gideon Lewis-Kraus is a writer and contributor to New York Times Magazine – where he recently profiled Liberland, a piece of undesirable land wedged between Serbia and Croatia, and its charismatic founder.  


The Gray Zone

Another border dispute between Maine and Canada has been brewing – and this time they’re not fighting over land, they’re fighting over water.  Producer Kayla Hoke has the story.

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Point and Shoot

Marshall Curry is the two-time Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker behind Point and Shoot, the story of a Baltimore man who picked up and joined the Libyan revolution – and filmed himself doing it. Point and Shoot is making its television debut on POV

Point and Shoot

Cold War Corn Diplomacy

In 1959, set against the background of the Cold War, a new form of diplomacy - and a friendship - blossomed between two very unlikely people - Roswell Garst, an Iowan farmer and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. BackStory producer Andrew Parsons brought us the story. 

You can listen to this story again at PRX.org

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