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6.9.15: Dictionary Of Deceptive Language, Taking "Craft" Beer To Court, & Outsourcing A Radio Drama


As new contenders join the 2016 presidential race, the flood of stump speeches and political spin can be overwhelming. On today’s show we’ll talk to a comedy writer who has mastered the art of translating deliberately deceptive double-speak: from politics, to real-estate, to food.

Plus, we’ll hear about a class action lawsuit against blue moon, charging that the self-described “artfully crafted” brew is not really a craft beer.

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Spinglish: The Dictionary of Deceptive Language

Christopher Cerf? is an author, composer, and one of the creators of the PBS series Between the Lions. He is also co-author, along with Henry Beard, of Spinglish: The Definitive Dictionary of Deliberately Deceptive Language.

You can add more words to your specious vocabulary at their website: Spin-glish.com

Spinglish: The Dictionary of Deceptive Language

From Panic, to Depression, to Recession

Over time, some “spinglish” words evolve to take on the very meanings they were originally used to avoid – especially when it comes to describing economic and financial trouble.  Producer Don Hill has more.

You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

Taking Craft Beer to Court

Producer Taylor Quimby spoke to Stephen Beaumont, co-author of The World Atlas of Beer and the new Pocket Beer Guide 2015about the recent class action lawsuit alleging that Blue Moon Beer is being falsely marketed as craft beer. 

Related: Home Brewer Sues MillerCoors For Telling Him Blue Moon Is A Craft Beer

Taking Craft Beer to Court

Outsourcing a Radio Drama to Fiverr

What happens when you outsource a radio drama from coming up with a title to writing it, to creating the music bed, for five dollars a task? We asked NHPR's Sean Hurley to find out.  

You can read more and see a list of all the contributors to this story at this link: Outsourcing a Radio Drama

Outsourcing a Radio Drama to Fiverr

Up All Night

Producer Jessica Partnow takes us through a night in the life of Ali Jaffri, a professional telemarketer in Lahore, Pakistan.

You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

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