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4.22.15: Engineered Recovery Food Or Junk Food, Diseases That Smell, & A Depression Fighting App

Nottingham Trent University via flickr Creative Commons

Sports nutrition is a multi-billion dollar market, but a new study from the University Of Montana is calling so-called recovery foods into question. On today’s show we’ll look at the evidence on whether post-workout energy food and drinks any better for you than fast food.

Then, doctors typically diagnose diseases with blood tests, x-rays, scans, pokes and prods. Later in the show we’ll look at a powerful and prevalent diagnostic tool that’s been used to identify diseases for centuries: the nose.

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Are Engineered Recovery Foods Better Than Fast Food?

Brent Ruby is an exercise physiologist and avid endurance athlete behind a new study from the University Of Montana which put engineered products meant to help with post work out recovery to the test against an unlikely opponent: Mc Donald’s. His findings were published in the International Journal Of Sports Nutrition And Exercise Metabolism.

You can read more about the study at this link: "The Recovery Market Has A Fake Food Problem"

Are Engineered Recovery Foods Better Than Fast Food?

Adult Double Dutch

Burning calories doesn’t always have to be tough, ideally, it can be downright fun. When Joy Jones was looking to get back into shape, she turned to a childhood pastime, and she's attracted a following. Every Friday, people gather at local recreation center in Washington DC for some good old-fashioned double-dutch. Andrew Hiller brings us the story.

You can listen to this story again at

The Unusual Scent of Disease

Anna Rothschildis a science journalist and producer and host of the PBS web video series “Gross Science.” A recent episode revealed the fascinating clues some diseases give off in the form of familiar scents.

GROSS SCIENCE is produced by WGBH for PBS Digital Studios.


The Unusual Scent of Disease

Fighting Depression With An App


  Dr. Robert Morris is a psychologist working at the MIT media lab, and he’s currently designing an app called “Koko” that he hopes will combat depression through online crowd sourced therapy.

The Koko app is currently invite only, but you can sign up and request an invite at their website:

Fighting Depression With An App

The Assistant Economy

The frequently thankless position of ‘personal assistant’, often to a class of celebrities, artists, hedge-fund manager or the other 1% of the 1%, has its own entire talent pool, code of behavior and economy. And while some PAs dream of rubbing elbows with professionals and celebs –they often land in the familiar nightmare of a dead end job.

Francesca Mariis an Associate Editor at Texas Monthly in Austin, Texas, and a contributor to Dissent magazine, where you’ll find her recent article “The Assistant Economy”.  

The Assistant Economy

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