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3.19.15: The Science Of Scarcity & The Life Of A Courtroom Sketch Artist

Vinoth Chandar via flickr Creative Commons

What happens to our minds when we have too little, and how does that shape our choices and behaviors? On today's show, we'll talk to a pair of Princeton professors who set out to answer those questions. Plus, the inspiration for our Good Gig series was a conversation with a person who has one of the most unique gigs on the planet: sketch artist for the U.S. Supreme Court.

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The Science of Scarcity

The Science of Scarcity

Courtroom Sketch Artist

  • Sketch artist Art Lien spoke to Virginia about his long career as a sketch artist in courtrooms across the country and his main beat, The Supreme Court of the United States.

Courtroom Sketch Artist

The Speed of Light for Pyramids

  • Whether it’s a leaky ceiling, a washing machine on the fritz, or windshield wiper blades that last a season, at some point, you may have wistfully thought to yourself: they just don’t build stuff like they used to. But are things built to last anymore? And were they ever? Roman Mars from the podcast 99% Invisible tackles those very questions. 
  • You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.
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