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3.5.15: Monarch The Board Game, Good Gig, & Uncommon Core

Artwork By: Kate Adams

There are jobs, and then there are dream jobs. On today’s show we’re featuring good gigs and odd jobs.  From a DJ who lives to uncover rare soul albums and share them with the world, to a woman who studies and creates board games for Dartmouth College’s Tilt Factor game lab. Plus, a broke writer who’d much rather read Dostoyevsky than Fifty Shades of Grey tries to break into the lucrative erotic lit genre.

Listen to the full show and click Read more for individual segments.

Compete for the Throne in a New Board Game

  • Dr. Mary Flanagan is an artist, writer, inventor and founder of the Tiltfactor gaming lab at Dartmouth College. She launched a Kickstarter for her new game Monarch and there are just 9 days left to back the project. 
  • Watch a video of the game's artist, Kate Adams, create one of the cards for the game.


Monarch the Board Game

L.ive A.ction R.ole P.lay


L.ive A.ction R.ole P.lay

Good Gig: DJ Soul Sister Melissa Weber

  • Melissa Weber, better known as DJ Soul Sister, is today's Good Gig guest. You can find out more about her work and see photos from some of her DJ gigs at this link

Uncommon Core: Oaksterdam University

  • Each Thursday, we bring you the Uncommon Core, a series that explores unusual courses offered at colleges and universities across the country. Today, we hear from the head of a school that’s pioneering never-before-taught curriculum–not in the US anyway–on the business of cannabis.     
  • Find out more at this link: The Uncommon Core: Oaksterdam University.

A Writer Experiments with the Erotic Lit Genre

  • Matthew Morgan is a writer, and you can read his essay about his brief dalliance as a writer of kindle erotica at The Millions,PansexualFree-For-All.”          

A Writer Experiments with the Erotic Lit Genre

Punch Brothers

Punch Brothers

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