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Word of Mouth

11.20.14: Talking To Kids About Marijuana, Extreme Daycare, & Birds Who Brave Winter

Ryan Van Lenning
via flickr Creative Commons

Not so long ago, when talking to kids about marijuana, the script for parents was simple: just say no. But legalization has made the conversation more complicated. On today’s show, how to talk to kids about marijuana.

Then we examine a growing issue for some working parents: the forever clock. From all-night diners to big box stores that never close, our economies run 24-7. We’ll take a look at the latest in around-the-clock service: 24 hour day care.

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How Parents Talk About Marijuana

  • KJ Dell’Antonia writes the Motherlode blog for the New York Times, and she’s written a lot about how changing laws and perceptions about marijuana are challenging parents.
How Parents Talk About Marijuana

Extreme Daycare

Extreme Daycare

Booze and Bluegrass

  • When it comes to taking sides on moral issues, bluegrass picks its battles. In the early 1900s, old time string bands music would often address the subject of booze. While some songs would moralize against the evils of strong drink, many others would celebrate libations. But when prohibition came in, the fun went out. This story comes to us from the radio show Gems of Bluegrass and host Philip Nusbaum.
  • You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

Birds That Winter in New England

Birds That Winter in New England

Using Your Ears to Identify Birds

  • The sport of birding relies on more than just a keen sense of sight, for many on the hunt for a bird to add to their list, the sound of a bird can help identify a species even when it can’t be seen. From the Encyclopedia of Life, Ari Daniel Shapiro brings us the story of a professor whose ears are as valuable as his eyes.
  • You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.
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