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The Life Of An Ex- Conspiracy Theorist

theqspeaks via Flickr Creative Commons

Mere hours after the Boston Marathon bombings, the internet lit up with conspiracy theories…Infowars and Alex Jones weighed in…so did Glenn Beck, who said he had proof that it was an inside job by the government. It’s kind of tough to back off from such a bold statement…and as evidence to the contrary mounted, those claiming to know the truth tend to get even more riled up and attack the poor saps who disagree with them. They get especially mad when one of their own disagrees. 

Charlie Veitch is a video blogger, self-styled anarchist, and a once vocal member of the 9/11 Truther movement – those who believe that the US government took down the World Trade Center in 2001.  Charlie was a respected voice among "truthers" with thousands of followers. Not anymore.  

Alex Miller is head of Vice UK. He recently wrote about Charlie’s transformation from 9/11 theorist to conspiracy outcast, and he joins us from London to tell us more about what happened.

Watch the Video: The Conspiracy Road Trip that changed Charlie's mind

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