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Word of Mouth

Forget Westminster, Here Are The Dogs of NHPR

Stewart - Rebecca LaVoie pshopped.jpg
R. LaVoie

The Second Annual Dogs of NHPR is upon us, just in time for the 137th Annual Westminster Dog Show. We have a lovely selection of various breeds, and even a few other pet species thrown in for good measure. So without further ado, we present with minimal editorial input  substantial editorial input, the Dogs [and other critters] of NHPR.

Stewart Lavoie-Flynn
Owner: Rebecca Lavoie
Favorite Foods: Blue Buffalo Salmon and Potato kibble, used paper towels, Comcast remotes.
Activities: Walking in the woods, snuggling, eating Comcast remotes
Favorite TV show: The Wire (lots of dogs barking in the background on the gritty, gritty streets of Baltimore)

Bridey - Rebecca LaVoie.JPG
Credit R. LaVoie

Bridey Lavoie Flynn
Owner: Rebecca Lavoie
Breed: 4 year-old Cockapoo (yes, she knows it’s a ridiculous breed name)
Favorite Activities: Looking scornful, withholding affection, breaking into the trash, getting brushed
Vices: Addicted to trash, both digging in and eating
Entertainment: Public radio. Duh.

Fenway, JoJo, Nonnie and Olivia - Beth Szelog.JPG
Credit B. Szelog

Dog: Fenway
Cats (from L to R): JoJo, Nonnie, and Olivia
Owner: Beth Szelog
Fenway's favorite activity: Forming a posse of cats to stare at Beth while she eats.
Fenway’s favorite food: Cat vomit

Rosie - Ryan Lessard_0.jpg
Credit R. Lessard

Owner: Ryan Lessard
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Favorite activities: Watching dog shows, watching the movie Bolt
Super Powers: Preternatural intelligence, instantaneous cuddling
Addiction: Cheese, delicious, wonderful addictive, cheese

Timon - Chris Jensen.JPG
Credit ???


Fake Owner: Chris Jensen
Real Owner: Chris’ next door neighbor
Stats: Male, blue-eyed blonde, Husky/Collie blend
Enjoys: Long walks in the woods, urinating on trees, long naps, barking at bears, unabashed meticulous cleaning of his nether regions.
Famous quotes: “Hey, if you dragged your crotch through the snow you’d want it cleaned pretty quickly, too.”

Duncan - Steven Dore.JPG
Credit S. Dore

Owners: Steve & Cindy Dore
Breed: Sheltie
Age:  5
Favorite things: Fetch, wrestling and snuggling
Super Power: Walking on ceilings

Chickens - Nate Chervek.jpg
Credit N. Chervek

Rosa, SnaggleToe, Thing 1, and Thing 2
Owner: Nathan Chervek
Hobbies: Hunting bugs, karaoke, laying eggs, and long romantic walks in the backyard
Favorite foods: blueberries, melon, RedBull.
Celebrity Crush: Nate says, “Not sure, but I'm pretty popular when I walk into the backyard with a bag of stale bagels.”
Favorite Quote: "Quack."

Brinkley2- Emily Corwin.JPG
Credit E. Corwin

Current Owner: Emily Corwin
Former Addresses: Arizona, Los Angeles, Connecticut, Boston
Hobbies: hunting for voles; swimming; and aggressive cuddling
Dietary Restrictions: Insists on dining with company; won’t eat his kibble unless a human is also eating, nearby.

Dog - Sara Plourde.JPG
Credit S. Plourde

Owner: Sara Plourde
Age: 210, in dog years
Enjoys: Comic books, Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast, The Venture Bros., being low maintenance
Dislikes: Traveling in suitcases, the ravages of time, moths

Courage - Betsy.JPG
Credit R. LaVoie

Owner: Betsy Gardella
Breed: Poodle
Hobbies: Being Betsy’s biggest fan, being wary of people other than Betsy
[Editor's Note: This image has not been altered. Courage is suspiciously white because he just had a bath.]

Angel - Taylor Quimby.JPG
Credit R. LaVoie

Owner: Taylor Quimby
Hobbies: Looking pathetic, hiding treats, hiding under blankets
Dislikes: Rain, Nickelback’s first album, Rebecca Lavoie

[Editor’s Note: Slander charges are pending against Ms. Lavoie as she has allegedly called Angel-Rose “ugly” on numerous occasions.]

[Senior Producer's Note: Angel Rose IS ugly. /RL]

Credit L. Shannon

Anonymous Manchester Squirrel
Stalker: Logan Shannon
Hobbies: Parkour with his squirrel friends, eating pecans, being cute
Dislikes: Forgetting where he left his nuts
Aspirations: Finding his nuts

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