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Document is a narrative-driven reporting project committed to long-form, enterprise and investigative journalism. Document projects will be primarily reported by the Document team in NHPR’s newsroom, helmed by Jason Moon, host of the hit NHPR podcast Bear Brook, and Lauren Chooljian, co-host of NHPR’s award-winning Stranglehold podcast.

Document underscores NHPR’s commitment to delving deeper in our journalism and uncovering stories that matter.

Document Season One

America is taking a hard look at policing right now. Many wonder: can we trust the cops? In states across the country, the answer to that question is already out there -- on secret lists kept by government lawyers.

The first season of Document, The List, looks at one state’s decades of secrecy around police misconduct and asks: why do these lists exist? How have they changed the way we think about police? And if they were finally made public, would they solve our policing problems?

All episodes of The List are now available.

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Document Season Two

Most criminal justice stories start with a crime; or the courts; or even prison. Supervision is a podcast about what happens next. It's the story of a parolee who thinks he’s getting freedom, a reporter looking to tell his story, and how they both got far more than they bargained for.

If you listened to Supervision in the past, take another look. This version contains new reporting and revelations that have surfaced since its release.

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Police car at night with out of focus lights in the background, The List title in white on top
Sara Plourde, NHPR

The first season of Document, The List, was released on October 26th, and some surprising news followed soon after. Listeners heard that a lawsuit had been filed in an attempt to make New Hampshire’s secret list of cops with credibility issues available to the public. On Friday, October 30th, the state supreme court issued a ruling in the case. Usually the court takes months to issue a decision. This time it only took them six weeks.


Beginning this October, NHPR listeners and readers can expect to find more enterprise and investigative journalism spanning NHPR’s on-air, digital and podcast properties. Document is a new newsroom reporting project that will allow NHPR reporters to dig deeper into key stories and issues to produce long-form, narrative-driven content that shines a light on topics that serve the public interest.

Police car at night with out of focus lights in the background, The List title in white on top
Sara Plourde, NHPR

Listen to all podcast episodes of The List below, or to subscribe on your favorite podcast app, scroll below the players for links. Click here for more on the project

Note: this post was updated on Nov. 2 with a series update.

Police car at night with out of focus lights in the background, The List title in white on top
Sara Plourde, NHPR

In her more than 30 years as a reporter in New Hampshire, Nancy West has earned a reputation: Blunt. Curmudgeonly. Unyielding.

At press conferences, West is often the one to insist that public officials stay for one more question. She’ll pursue the kind of needling line of inquiry that raises the temperature in the room for everyone. Public officials and press officers often know her by name, and, by now, they’re not afraid to ask her to tone it down.