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Your Questions About Children & COVID-19 Answered, From Masks To Vaccines To Summer Activities

Vaccination site indoors at a school.
Sarah Gibson/NHPR

We talk about what you need to know about the importance and safety of the COVID-10 vaccine in children, and the status and process of vaccination approval for children under twelve. Also, how to navigate summer activities, travel, and masks with unvaccinated children, and the impacts of the virus on kids. 

Check out all of NHPR's coverage of coronavirus in New Hampshire. 

Air date: Wednesday, June 9, 2021. 


  • Dr. Sharon Vuppula - Pediatric infectious disease specialist in Nashua.
  • Dr. Marie-Elizabeth Ramas - Family physician and activist, and advisor for Healthcare Voices of New Hampshire. She also oversees The Lighthouse NH, which engages BIPOC communities in public health and wellness.

CDC COVID-19 and Children Informantion Page

CDC COVID-19 Vaccines for Children and Teens Information Page

This show was produced by Christina Phillips.

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