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N.H. Farmers Take Stock Of The Past Year And Prepare For Drought Conditions

Annie Ropeik for NHPR

Granite State Farmers reflect on what they learned this year -- and how they're planning for seasons to come. In response to the pandemic, many made changes they plan to keep, such as taking reservations for pick-your-own visits and making home deliveries. They say demand for locally grown food has been strong. The big worry now: an early spring drought.


Air date: April 7, 2021


Agriculture and horticulture researchers with UNH Cooperative Extension work closely with farmers in the state on a wide range of issues, including challenges associated with the pandemic and drought conditions. 

Visit here for USDA statistics on N.H. farms, which amount to more than 4,100. 
Also discussed during the program: Fresh Start Farms, operated by ORIS, the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success.