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It's Garden Thyme: Planning Season Is Here

Two cats sit in a window in winter next to two potted plants.
Erin Schaick.

Fluctuating weather and other hints of spring have arrived, so it's time to start thinking about what you need to grow the garden you want this year. We talk about the things you should do now, indoors and outside, to prepare for the warmer weather, from succession planning to seeding to learning about your soil. First time gardener, or seasoned green thumb? Send us your questions, and tips, about your current gardening projects. 

Do you have ideas for other gardening, growing, and backyard topics?Please let us know in our listener survey!

Air date: Tuesday, March 16, 2021. 


  • Emma Erler - Landscape and greenhouse field specialist for the UNH Cooperative Extension.

The UNHCooperative Extension has many resources for home gardeners, including soil testing, and guides for growingfruitand vegetables.

  • Amelia Gardner - Farm Manager for Farmsteads of New England. She studied sustainable agriculture and forestry management, and oversees the vegetable and fruit gardens, animal health, and sales and production at the farm. 

Farmsteads of New England provides residential and day support for adults with autism, developmental  disabilities, and other varying abilities in a farm environment in Hillsborough. Farmsteads also operates its own farm store

  • Amanda Fedolfi - Has lived at Farmsteads for seven years, where she enjoys weaving and caring for animals on the farm. She has written a children's book, which she is working on getting published. 
  • Erica Goncze - Has lived at Farmsteads for sixteen years, where she enjoys gardening and growing food to cook for herself. She is vegan, and enjoys skiing and running. 

This show was produced by Christina Phillips. 

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