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Three Mayors On The State Of Their Cities: Keene, Manchester, And Rochester

NHPR file photos
Manchester, Rochester, and Keene

A tale of three cities. We talk with the mayors of Manchester, Rochester, and Keene about their communities during pandemic times. Some challenges have been new, due to this unprecedented health crisis. Others, such as homelessness and a scarcity of affordable housing, are long-standing but receiving new attention. 

We’ll hear the mayors’ perspectives on these and other matters, including how they have been coming together to alert state officials about their concerns.

Air date: Feb. 9, 2021


  • Joyce Craig - Mayor of Manchester, serving her second term.  The population of Manchester is about 112,000. 
  • George Hansel - Mayor of Keene, serving his first term.  The population of Keene is about 22,000. 
  • Caroline McCarley - Mayor of Rochester, serving her third term.  The population of Rochester is about 31,000. 
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