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Preserving and Protecting Two Beloved New Hampshire Species: Moose and Loons

Scott Heron; Flickr

We couldn't have a Week of Summer Favorites without including moose and loons!  For many Granite Staters, these creatures symbolize what makes our wild places special, but both face threats that are reducing their numbers. We'll discuss these threats, and ongoing efforts to support these two beloved N.H. animals.

This show originally aired on August 1, 2017. 


  • David Patrick - Director of Conservation for the Nature Conservancy in New Hampshire. 
  • Kristine Rines - Moose Project Leader for New Hampshire Fish and Game. 
  • Harry Vogel - Director of the Loon Preservation Committee in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Fish and Game shows the decline of moose in New Hampshire over the past few years:

Credit New Hampshire F&G

Click here to see the 2017 Loon Cam from the Loon Preservation Committee, which shows loon nests with daily updates. 

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