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Election 2014 Wrap-Up: 'Ballot Selfies' & Ballot Initiatives


Although top races got the attention in this year’s mid-term elections, voters in a majority of states also had a slate of ballot measures to consider. We’ll look at what some of the big topics were, from marijuana laws to the minimum wage, and how the results fit into the overall narrative for this year’s election. First, though, we'll look at a law in New Hampshire that prohibits 'ballot selfies.'


  • David Brooks - reporter for the Telegraph of Nashua. He writes the "Granite Geek" column and has written several articles on 'ballot selfies.'
  • Joshua Dyck - acting chair and associate professor of political science, and co-director of the Center for Public Opinion at University of Massachusetts, Lowell.
  • Reid Wilson - state politics and policy reporter for the Washington Post's GovBeat blog.
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