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Civics for Citizenship

adam (THEO) via Flickr Creative Commons

One goal of our schools is to prepare young people to become informed and engaged citizens. Yet there is growing concern that students are not being prepared to participate in democracy, to learn from the historical actions of American government, or – critically - to understand the U.S. Constitution. We’ll take a look at efforts to address this here in New Hampshire.


Ron Adams,  former social studies teacher and long-time member of the New Hampshire Council for Social Studies. He has also served on a task force of lawyers, judges, college presidents, and teachers, working on behalf of improving civics education in the state.

John Greabe, professor of law at the University of New Hampshire. He is organizing a symposium in November designed to help teachers effectively teach civics and the Constitution -- part of Constitutionally Speaking, a multi-year project.  On September 14, Justice David H. Souter will launch the project at the Concord City Auditorium. For more on this event and the project, visit the New Hampshire Humanities Council's website.

We'll also hear from:

Susan Leahy, an attorney and president of the New Hampshire Supreme Court Society. The Society is working to form the New Hampshire Institute for Civic Education, an organization dedicated to improving civics education in the state's public schools by providing professional development and other resources to teachers.