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A circuit court judge facing a disciplinary hearing after allegedly altering court documents is voluntarily resigning from the bench rather than face review before the Judicial Conduct Committee.

Judge Julie Introcaso was set to start a multi-day hearing Wednesday before the JCC. Instead, the agency posted a signed agreement that Introcaso has agreed to resign her judicial appointment, and was pleading no contest to the allegations.


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Promedio de casos diarios, y hospitalizaciones, de COVID-19 se reducen en New Hampshire 

Los números alrededor del COVID-19 en New Hampshire se están moviendo en direcciones positivas. 

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After a five month investigation, the state Attorney General announced Thursday it is filing felony charges against Judge Julie Introcaso of Bedford for allegedly tampering with court paperwork in an attempt to cover-up her failure to properly recuse herself from a child custody case.

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Funcionarios registran más casos de COVID-19 pero el porcentaje de tasa de resultados positivos disminuye 

El estado registró 435 [cuatrocientos treinta y cinco] nuevos casos de COVID-19 el martes, y cuatro fallecimientos adicionales. 

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The state's most recently retired Supreme Court Chief Justice, who is now a newly elected state representative, is asking lawmakers to support changing the constitution to permit judges to remain on the court beyond the age of 70.

The New Hampshire Attorney General says it is opening a criminal investigation into a circuit court judge for allegedly altering court paperwork with white out while she was under a separate investigation by the judicial branch for failing to recuse herself from a case involving a lawyer with whom she had a “long-standing close friendship.”

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The Executive Council voted Wednesday to confirm Dan St. Hilaire as a Superior Court Judge.


Previously a Merrimack County Attorney, St. Hilaire currently works for the New Hampshire Liquor Commission.


The two Democrats on the council voiced their opposition to the confirmation, including Councilor Chris Pappas, the congressman-elect for New Hampshire's 1st District. 


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New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald says a felony complaint was filed Friday charging former Judge Paul S. Moore with one count of fraud in an attempt to allegedly "defraud the New Hampshire judicial retirement plan."

Moore, who resigned two weeks ago, is scheduled to enter a guilty plea and be sentenced on the charge on May 2 in Merrimack County Superior Court.

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A New Hampshire circuit court judge has been suspended without pay because of allegations that he submitted fake evaluations of his job performance.


Judge Paul Moore sits on the Nashua District Court. He has been on leave since last year.


According to documents released yesterday, Moore interfered with the evaluation system the state courts use to assess the performance of judges, in order to boost his own score.


Sununu to Nominate Lynn for Supreme Court Chief Justice

Feb 6, 2018
N.H. Supreme Court

Governor Chris Sununu has nominated Justice Robert J. Lynn to lead the state's Supreme Court.

N.H. Woman Accused of Threatening 2 Judges on Facebook

Jan 26, 2018
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A Northwood woman has been charged with threatening two New Hampshire judges and a lawyer in Facebook posts.


Janet Delfuoco, 50, allegedly threatened to physically hurt a Superior Court and a Circuit Court judge in Rockingham County. She’s also accused of criminal threatening against a lawyer.


These charges stem from events that took place in prior court proceedings. Delfuoco has been involved in years-long custody and property disputes with her ex-husband.