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Home in a winter storm in Portsmouth.
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The state is set to begin distributing millions of dollars in additional aid for tenants who are struggling to pay housing costs because of COVID-19. As the state finalizes new guidelines for what the assistance can be used for, and how people can apply, we check in on what we've learned from the previous housing assistance package. What have we learned about that program, and how will this shape the next year? 

This program begins March 15, and details about the program are available through the N.H. Housing Finance Authority. 

Air date: Thursday, February 25, 2021. 

N.H. Renters In Line For More Relief, Though Details Still Unclear

Feb 16, 2021
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Can New Hampshire spend $200 million in federal money to keep people in their homes when it wasn’t able to spend $20 million last year for the same purpose?

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The New Hampshire Circuit Court will pilot a free, voluntary mediation program to resolve eviction disputes.

Margaret Huang is the coordinator of the Office of Mediation and Arbitration.

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Hoy vamos a contarte un poco de lo que sucede en New Hampshire, y luego te compartimos una conversación con la doctora Melissa Martínez Adorno sobre su experiencia luego de la segunda dosis de la vacuna.

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Gov. Chris Sununu is starting his third term as governor of New Hampshire. Morning Edition host Rick Ganley spoke with Sununu Friday about the challenges facing the state, events this past week in Washington, and what he hopes to accomplish in the next two years.

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A new state housing appeals board started accepting cases on Wednesday. This is a new option to appeal final decisions on housing and housing developments.

The three-member board was established last July, and, much like Superior Courts, can affirm, reverse or modify appeals to the final decisions of local boards, committees or commissions.


The Northern Forest Center received a $1 million federal grant to support workforce housing initiatives in four northern border towns, including Lancaster.

Rob Riley is the Center’s president. He says part of the grant will go towards a fund that’s used to buy and redevelop properties, such as the historic Parker J. Noyes building in downtown Lancaster.

Former tenants of a planned community of tiny houses in Peterborough have filed a lawsuit, alleging the property owner breached their leases by charging them to reside in units that failed to meet safety codes.

Last month, approximately 25 residents of the Walden Eco-Village were given less than a week to vacate their homes after a code enforcement officer for the town cited a range of safety hazards, including electrical and propane heating systems that failed to meet code.

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El mes comienza con aumento de hospitalizaciones y contagios por COVID-19 en New Hampshire

Este fin de semana más de 300 [trescientas] personas estuvieron hospitalizadas por COVID-19 en New Hampshire, el número más alto de hospitalizaciones desde que empezó la pandemia. 

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Low vacancy rates, high rents, and a lack of affordable housing are perennial issues in New Hampshire.

Legislation being considered in the State House next year would encourage cities and towns to build more housing as a way to address the crisis.

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New Hampshire will receive $200 million for emergency rental assistance as part of the federal government’s new COVID-19 relief bill

Eligible renters will receive assistance to pay for rent and utility payments, and any unpaid utility bills or rent. 

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The deadline to apply for funding from the state's pandemic housing relief program is this Friday, December 18.

The program is funded through $20 million dollars of federal CARES Act money, and provides assistance for past rent due from April 2020 forward and short-term assistance to maintain or secure permanent housing.


Twenty-five residents of a planned community of tiny houses in Peterborough are facing a 4pm deadline Wednesday to leave their homes after town officials discovered a litany of building code violations last week.

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Evictions in New Hampshire have been steady and relatively low since the state and federal moratorium on evictions ended this summer.

In the past month, there’s been a weekly average of about 50 evictions. That’s about a third lower than the weekly number of evictions happening prior to the pandemic, according to Elliott Berry, an attorney with New Hampshire Legal Assistance.

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A few weeks ago, Liza Widdop and her kids visited Concord. 

Arriving from out of state, they walked around the neighborhoods, trying to find their next home. But with no ‘For Sale’ signs in sight, they tried something unusual: They left letters at potential new homes, instead.

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In the months following the end of state and federal eviction moratoriums, evictions in New Hampshire have been on the rise.

Since the end of June, New Hampshire courts have approved 673 orders to evict tenants.  Nearly half of those are just from the month of August.

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By Degrees is a new climate change reporting project by NHPR. One major focus of the project is the connection between pollution and our health.

Last week, we talked about outdoor air quality in New Hampshire. But scientists are exploring the ways indoor air quality affects us too.

Eviction Cases On The Rise In New Hampshire

Jul 14, 2020
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The New Hampshire Judicial Branch has released  court filings related to landlords and tenants. The data, released weekly, shows that eviction cases are on rise in New Hampshire since the state's coronavirus-related ban on evictions ended on July 1.

Dan Tuohy; NHPR

As coronavirus leads to record unemployment, many people are struggling to pay rent. We talk about the rights of tenants and landlords during the pandemic, and how COVID-19 is impacting access to safe, reliable, and affordable housing. 

Air date: Thursday, April 23, 2020.

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A New Hampshire bill that would have prohibited housing discrimination against people who have pets is being scaled back at the lead sponsor’s request.

The legislation, in its original form, would have prevented landlords from imposing no pet policies on rental units statewide. 

Rep. Ellen Read, a Democrat from Newmarket, says concerns over animals damaging rental properties are exaggerated, and that pet owners can struggle to find housing options. 

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Permits to build single-family homes and multi-family units in New Hampshire increased last year according to a report from the state’s Office of Strategic Initiatives.

Last year, close to 4,300 units were permitted, making 2018 the year with most number of units permitted since 2008.

The Federal Reserve cuts interest rates again, amid concern about U.S. manufacturing health.  A new state housing task force releases its recommendations, to expand the supply of lower-priced options.  And as winter approaches, seasonal businesses are on the hunt for temporary workers.

Original air date: Wednesday, November 6, 2019. 

Housing construction in New Hampshire is failing to meet the demand of would-be homeowners and renters in the state. The vacancy rate for apartments around the state is below 1 %.

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A new report from the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority says the affordable housing market has gotten even tighter this year. The survey polled owners and managers of more than 23,000 market rate rentals across the state, earlier this year. 

The results revealed that rent prices are rising and less housing is available.

  • The median rental price for a two bedroom unit increased 4% since 2018
  • The statewide vacancy rate decreased from 2% to less than 1%.


Millennial Home Ownership in the Granite State

Jul 10, 2019

Many millennials are at the age when people begin thinking of purchasing their first home. This generation is distinct in their needs and challenges. We look at why millennials are buying homes, or why not, and their needs, and what they are looking for. 

Property Listing


New Hampshire lawmakers are considering a bill to give towns more oversight over sober living facilities.

The facilities rent rooms to people recovering from addiction, with the goal of staying clean and finding community support.

Manchester fire chief Dan Goonan, who helped craft the bill, says in Manchester, there are dozens of unregulated sober living facilities, some without proper exits or fire or carbon monoxide alarms.

In 2019, we make a tentative forecast of the economic trends to watch in the new year. From continued affordable housing challenges in New Hampshire, to tariffs and stock market fluctuations internationally, we look at what indicators you should keep an eye on. 


New Hampshire is getting nearly $600,000 in federal funding that will go toward helping reunite children in foster care with their families.

The $544,968 from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development was awarded to the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority. They will spend the funding on 64 vouchers for families whose housing problems contributed to them being separated from their children. The funding's offered through HUD's Family Unification Program. Among those targeted are young people found to be at risk of homelessness.

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New Hampshire’s minimum wage is the lowest in New England. It's the same as the federal rate: $7.25 an hour. Meanwhile, Maine sets its minimum wage at $10; Vermont, at $10.50; and Massachusetts, $11, is on the way up to $15.

For the latest in NHPR's Only in New Hampshire series, listener and lifelong Manchester resident Kathy Staub asked:

New Hampshire is surrounded by states with a minimum wage of $10 or more. How do higher wage commuters impact rents along the border?

Chris Jensen for NHPR

Community members in the Mount Washington Valley are invited to a listening session on housing Monday night.

At the meeting, residents will be asked to imagine new kinds of housing developments for open land in their towns, without the constraints of current local zoning regulations.

Victoria Laracy is Executive Director of the Mount Washington Valley Housing coalition, which is putting on the sessions. She says the region's housing shortage is a big concern for businesses in the area.