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Special Program
Updates about new and special programming and changes to NHPR's program schedule.

Special Programming: America Are We Ready? For the First 100 Days of the Next Presidency


As the Biden-Harris administration tackles its first 100 days in office, join NHPR for a series of live national conversations focused on issues top of mind with Americans from across the country.

Beginning, Thursday, January 21, NHPR will broadcast “America Are We Ready? For the First 100 Days of the Next Presidency” specials from our partners at WNYC. Host Brian Lehrer will be joined by a series of guests, and listeners can call in with their questions and comments. Throughout the series, topics to be explored will include:

-          How will the country move forward from the Trump presidency and a second impeachment?

-          What about jobs and the economy?

-          What’s in store for Gen Z’s future?

-          How can we as a country work on dismantling structural racism and white supremacy in 2021 and beyond?

-          How do we restore faith in our democracy and in the meaning of patriotism?

For the initial broadcast on January 21, Brian and his guests will discuss some of President Biden’s key priorities: addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery, racial equity and climate change.

NOTE: Call-in to the weekly broadcast at 1-844-745-TALK (8255).

The special will run in the place usually occupied by The Daily and Marketplace.

The last broadcast of the live series is currently scheduled for April 29, 2021.