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Something Wild: What Discoveries Await When Those Leaves Finally Fall?

mwms1916 via Flickr

As fall comes to a close, winter imminent, there is a quiet that sweeps across New Hampshire. We celebrate the changing of the leaves but once they’ve fallen from the trees there’s really not much to look at before snowfall, right? Of course not! There’s always something waiting to be discovered in your back yard and this time of year is no exception.

Head outside and into the woods. The bare trees leave exposed that which was obscured earlier in the year. From stone walls to flora that may have gone unnoticed in the thick of summer. It might be a cool hike but be thankful for the lack of humidity and mosquitoes!

You might hear some familiar voices floating in the air. November is a great time to catch the year round residents. Migratory birds have taken off for the season and songbirds have ceased their territorial chanting. The sound of November is blue jay, chickadee, and goldfinch. They’ve been around all year, but earlier their voices were part of a much grander chorus. It’s harder to pick out one in the crowd if you’re not really listening for it. Now they get to be the featured singers in a stripped down arrangement.

There’s a lot outside to discover and what better time than now – the curtain is pulled back and all is revealed.

Music in this podcast by Heftone Banjo Orchestra - Maple Leaf Rag (Heftone Banjo Orchestra) / CC BY-SA 4.0

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