Young Soloist Advances Career With Symphony NH

Oct 12, 2013

Crystal rehearsing before her performance.
Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern / NHPR

Symphony NH, the granite state's oldest professional orchestra, invited 16-year-old harpist Crystal Napoli to solo at two of their performances; an opportunity that is the stuff of dreams for young classical musicians.

The symphony's music director, Jonathan McPhee, extended the invitation to Crystal after seeing her performance as the 2011 winner of the concerto competition at the Manchester Community Music School.

"I was immediately taken by Crystal's confidence and her musicianship," he says. "And I thought, 'Okay, this would be a perfect opportunity to have a music student at the school play with Symphony NH.'"

Crystal is the first winner from the student competition to be invited to play as a soloist with the symphony, comprised of older, more seasoned musicians. But despite some jitters, she was thrilled by the opportunity.

"I think a successful performance with Symphony NH would be a tremendous confidence boost because I'm still getting over those nerves before getting on stage. These two performances are going to be the biggest audiences that I've ever performed in front of, so it will change the way I play a lot."

Watch Crystal Napoli's November 2012 performance with Symphony NH: