Union Demonstrators Protest Outsourcing at Guinta's Manchester Office

Jul 10, 2012

A group of about twenty five demonstrators, organized by the AFL-CIO, petitioned Congressman Frank Guinta’s office to support the anti-outsourcing legislation known as the Bring Jobs Home Act.

The Bring Jobs Home Act has versions in both the House and Senate and seeks to eliminate outsourcing incentives by reforming the tax code.

The AFL-CIO is hoping New Hampshire congressmen Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta will vote in favor of the bill.

The demonstrators walked Tuesday afternoon from City Hall in Manchester to Congressman Guinta's office to deliver a stack of about one hundred eighty petitions.

New Hampshire AFL-CIO President Mark MacKenzie led the march.

“Companies that get rewarded to move jobs overseas; that’s a flawed economic policy and it makes no sense for America. This is an attempt to provide incentives to get companies back into this country by giving them a twenty percent tax credit towards their cost of moving companies back into the United States.”

The congressman was not present for the demonstrations and was unavailable for comment. The bill has been on the House floor since May but no vote is scheduled. The Senate version was just proposed on Monday.