Sununu Pledges Millions For Road Repairs, But Offers Few Details

Mar 1, 2017


Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Gov. Chris Sununu pledged to invest millions of dollars in repairing roads, bridges and schools in his budget address.

But he's light on specifics when it comes to how the estimated $84 million would be doled out, leaving towns, cities and school districts wondering which potholes will be filled, classrooms remodeled and bridges rebuilt.

Nearly 12,000 miles of road in New Hampshire are maintained by cities and towns, with many in poor condition, and 344 municipal bridges on the state's "red list." Similarly, the state has suspended its school building aid program, leaving millions of dollars of requests on the table to address things like asbestos and lead paint.

Republican budget writers are supportive of the plan but want more clarity about how dollars will be spent.