New London Police Investigating Truck Bearing Anti-BLM Signs | New Hampshire Public Radio

New London Police Investigating Truck Bearing Anti-BLM Signs

Oct 20, 2020

A truck featuring racist signage and imagery was photographed in a Hannaford parking lot and posted to Facebook.
Credit Via Facebook

The New London Police Department says it's investigating complaints about a pickup truck in town with signs threatening members of Black Lives Matter. Multiple residents reported the truck after seeing it in a Hannaford parking lot over the weekend.

The truck has a fake skeleton attached on the front grille wearing a T-shirt with "BLM,” the acronym for Black Lives Matter.  A sign on the skeleton reads: "BLM are terrorists. This one was too slow. Defund all schools that support BLM and Antifa."

A large Trump campaign sign is affixed to the truck bed.

A person claiming to be the truck's owner said on Facebook that he is exercising his constitutional right, and boasted about the alarm the BLM skeleton has caused, including among Black residents. 

Emily Cobb, New London's police chief, said she was also communicating with the Merrimack County Attorney's Office and the Civil Rights Unit at the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office.