New Hampshire Debates Body Cameras For Police

Feb 18, 2015

The national conversation over police use of force sparked by the deaths of unarmed suspects in Ferguson and New York City has been marked by unrest and divisive politics. But in the midst of this polarized debate, there is one change that nearly everyone agrees on: the need for more body cameras worn by police officers. Before the new technology is widely adopted though, questions of privacy, effectiveness, and cost will have to be addressed.

Credit West Midlands Police / Flickr/CC


  • Devon Chaffee -  executive director for the American Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire.
  • David M. Hilts -  Legal Counsel at the New Hampshire Department of Safety.
  • Justin Ready - assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice at Arizona State University


  • Richard Krauss – chief of police in Milton, New Hampshire. Milton has body cameras already for its police force.