Navy Decommissions USS Miami

Mar 28, 2014

Miami Captain Rolf Spelker and Rear Admiral Ken Perry at PNSY
Credit Roger Wood/NHPR

The Navy deactivated the Los Angeles Class Submarine at the Portsmouth Navy Yard.

It was there that a former shipyard worker, Casey Fury, set a fire on board that ultimately gutted the $900 m sub. During a one hour ceremony, its last commander, captain Rolf Spelker, noted that the Miami, commissioned in 1990, was recognized as the best sub in the Atlantic fleet.

β€œAnd all of us justifiable take pride not only what we have in our tours, but also what has been done by those that preceded us and those that came after us.”

The Miami crew will be reassigned within the Navy and Department of Defense.

The sub will be taken to Puget Sound Naval Base in Washington State for what the navy calls recycling.

Casey Fury, who set the USS Miami on fire, is serving a 17 year prison sentence for arson.