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Local Newspapers Confront Trump's "Fake News" Attacks on the Press

Aug 16, 2018

Hundreds of newspaper editorials, including several by New Hampshire publications, decried Trump's attacks on the media today.

More than 300 news outlets across the country published editorials today denouncing President Trump's attacks on the media. Several New Hampshire publications participated in the campaign, which was lead by the Boston Globe's Opinion Page Editor. 

Since taking office, the President has called journalists "crooked," the "enemy of the people," and, of course, "fake." 

"What he refers to as fake news isn't fake at all," said Dana Wormold, Editor of the Concord Monitor's opinion page. "It's news reports that he's uncomfortable with for whatever reason." 

Wormold considers that a threat to the principle of a free press. That's why he and his colleagues made the decision to join the campaign. 

"It's important for the press to stand their ground," Wormold said. "Because, you know, we have a job to do." 

The Nashua Telegraph, Keene Sentinel, Portsmouth Herald and other New Hampshire papers published similar editorials. 

In Tweets this morning, President Trump denounced the coordination as "collusion" and said he values freedom of the press.