Life. Support. Music.

May 23, 2013

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We dug up this interview from 2008 with Jason Crigler, the composer of the musical score for Make Sure it’s Me.

In August of 2004, Jason Crigler, a highly-regarded guitarist, suffered a brain hemorrhage during a gig in New York City. His pregnant wife rushed him to the hospital and got the bad news: doctors told Jason’s family that he might not live through the night, and if he did, little of the Jason they knew would be left.

But Jason and his family refused to accept the prognosis. Their tenacity and loving attention to Jason’s recovery is the subject of a documentary, "Life. Support. Music." Jason Crigler and director Eric Daniel Metzgar joined Word of Mouth in August of 2008, to discuss how the film was made and the vital and demanding role that Jason's family played in his rehabilitation.