Dartmouth Policy Allows Students to Choose Names, Pronouns and Gender Identity

Sep 11, 2019

Credit Flickr Creative Commons / Brave Sir Robin

Dartmouth College has a new policy that allows students to change their names, pronouns or gender identity in campus directories.

That includes changes to first, middle or last names, says Meredith H Braz, Dartmouth's Registrar. 

Since 2007, trans and nonbinary students have been able to request IDs and directory listings that reflected their preferred name.

As a part of the new policy, students can also choose if their legal name or chosen name appears on official college documents, like transcripts and diplomas.  

"While we've just rolled it out to make it available we've been working behind the scenes a lot," Braz said. "Everyone's excited about making this opportunity available for students." 

Other colleges in New Hampshire, including UNH and Keene State, have policies that allow students to indicate a preferred first name.