Clinton Says Gun Safety Will Be Top Campaign Issue

Oct 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton speaks on a N.H. visit in April
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Hillary Clinton told an audience at Keene State College in New Hampshire that more stringent gun laws would save lives, and if she wins election she’d consider implementing a federal gun buyback program, and using executive powers to require universal background checks for gun purchases.

In the meantime, Clinton says she will continue to talk gun policy and do so loudly.

"We have to be willing to take on those who are not in favor of sensible gun-safety measures. That includes the NRA, and it includes a lot of people in public life today who are intimidated."

Clinton never mentioned her main democratic rival, VT Senator Bernie Sanders, but gun policy is an area where Clinton has sought to draw a contrast. VT has very few gun laws and Sanders voted against the federal background check law known as the Brady Bill, which Clinton praised in Keene.

Clinton also called it “outrageous” that current law gives liability protections to gun makers and sellers, a policy Sanders backed as a Congressman but Clinton opposed as a Senator.