7.21.15: Gun Control, An End To Isolation, & Greek Tourism | New Hampshire Public Radio

7.21.15: Gun Control, An End To Isolation, & Greek Tourism

Jul 21, 2015

Just a few years ago, marriage equality seemed dead in the water. Now the players are running a victory lap. Today, we learn how gun control activists are now recruiting ideas and people from the gay marriage movement. Then, one of the most isolated communities in the world is about to become a lot more social when their first airport opens next year, but the change may not be welcome. And, summer vacation season is in full swing with tourists jet setting all over the world. But what happens when the place you’re visiting is in the midst of a global financial crisis? We’ll speak to a man traveling to Greece this week to find out how he’s planning to pack.

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Gun Control

Lisa Miller is a contributing editor at New York Magazine where she wrote about how the gun control movement is borrowing tactics from the marriage equality playbook. 

Above the Law

Early in the twentieth century, the Los Angeles police department was one of the most corrupt in America. But in 1950, a new police chief entered the scene with the intent to put that all behind them and make policing an honorable profession.  Backstory producer Nina Earnest brought us the story. 

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An End to Isolation

The tiny island of Saint Helena remains one of the most inaccessible places on earth, but that is about to change as a British government-funded airport opens in the spring of 2016. Filmmaker Dieter Deswarte made two short films about life on the island for the BBC and he’s currently working on a feature-length documentary about life on the island.

Greek Tourism

Stef Kotsonis is a radio producer living in Boston. He spoke to us about how the Greek financial crisis is, or isn’t, affecting the tourism industry, which made up 17 percent of Greece’s GDP in 2014.

Underwater Greenhouses

Robert Gebelhoff wrote about underwater greenhouses for the Washington Post’s “Speaking of Science” blog.