1.27.14: Creepy Stories, Black Ice Pond Hockey & Richard III

Jan 27, 2014

Credit Zach Nugent / NHPR

Whether told by a campfire, or at a childhood slumber party, everyone loves a spooky story. Today on Word of Mouth we explore our ‘creepy’ appetite. And the macabre continues with the true story of the battle over Richard the III’s remains.  Although he reigned five centuries ago, his burial site has sparked a modern-day war of the roses among Britain’s Richard-files. Also on the show, the Black Ice Pond Hockey tournament celebrates its fourth year at White Park, and producer Zach Nugent sat on the bench to bring us the sights and sounds. Listen to the whole show below or click Read More to listen to individual segments.

Give it 100

  • In 2012, a program manager at Microsoft named Karen Cheng decided to learn how to dance and filmed her progress every day for one year. This gave way to her project, Give it 100.

Black Ice Pond Hockey at Concord's White Park

  • Check out photos and more from producer Zach Nugent's trip to the 4th annual Black Ice Pond Hockey tournament right here.


  • Will Wiles, wrote about a genre of writing that lives on the internet called "creepypasta" for Aeon Magazine and it's some of the most terrifying writing you'll find on the web. We've got the story and our own radio play version of one of the creepiest and shortest stories you'll ever hear at this link.

Rethink 2104: Queues

  • Roman Mars' radio show 99% Invisible takes a unique look at the complicated mathematics of the humble queue.

The Joy & Pain of Teaching Line Dancing

Richard III