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Has Your Legislator Signed the N.H. State House Sexual Harassment Policy?

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

As reported earlier this week, New Hampshire House Speaker Shawn Jasper says he's disappointed that roughly one-quarter of his chamber has not signed a form acknowledging they’ve read the official State House sexual harassment policy.

All representatives have received multiple reminders to sign and return these forms in the last year, according to House leadership. With that in mind, Jasper says, “there should be 100 percent compliance.”

(Read the full story on the House's sexual harassment policies here.)

So which lawmakers have — and haven't — signed the form? Here's a list compiled using the official House roster and the signed sexual harassment policy forms, which were provided upon request to NHPR. 

(This list will be updated periodically to reflect additional signatures as they are filed.)

Has your legislator signed the N.H. House sexual harassment policy?

Note: This list was updated on 11/30/2017.