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2016 Conversations with the Candidates: Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Join us for the latest in The Exchange's "Conversations with the Candidates" series, with incumbent Democrat Ann McLane Kuster.  She's been the U.S. Representative for New Hampshire's Second Congressional District since 2013. We talk with Kuster about veterans issues in New Hampshire, her speech on the House floor about her sexual assault while a legislative aide on Capitol Hill, and other issues.

Watch video of the conversation via Facebook Live:

 This event is made possible by New England College and GoffWilson. 

When asked about FBI Director James Comey’s recent disclosure that the FBI has revived the probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails:

I share the view that he [Comey] shouldn’t have spoken… These are duplicative emails, so I was surprised and, frankly, you know, think he should not have come out with that statement at this time.

Q: It sounds like you think Director Comey has not followed the norms, traditions, and guidelines surrounding FBI investigations.

“Correct, and in fact he’s created a much bigger problem because for the people that are concerned about impacting the election, now he’s faced with the decision does he comment on the ongoing FBI investigation into Mr. Trump’s staff’s connections to the Russian government and their efforts to try to influence our election… but then he’s created this situation with the Congress as though they are entitled to every last piece of paper that they come across, or every last email, and I think in my view they should complete the investigation and then it’s also up to the Department of Justice, the prosecutor, about when to bring charges, so I think he’s created his own conundrum… I don’t believe there’s anything new in these emails.

Q: How will we fund the ACA without the Cadillac tax? Give us an example?

“There are millions of dollars’ worth of programs, let me give you one in healthcare that’s a much bigger dollar number, and that’s the Medicare part D, making sure the government has the right for volume discounts, this was a total giveaway during the Bush administration, Congress just again lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies and what it’s about is that we should be able as the VA does, as the DOD does, to be able to negotiate a volume discount for the price of pharmaceutical prescription medication, and that would save hundreds of millions of dollars. So there are much bigger dollar items that could be used in lieu of this Cadillac tax.”

She added, “When we [Democrats] take over the Senate, if we take over the House, I think you’ll see that accomplished in the first 100 days.”

From Linda, Exchange Listener: Will you fight for veterans benefits for veterans who’ve been poisoned by tainted waters of Camp Lejeune?

Yes, absolutely, we have had hearings on the camp Lejeune situation in the Veterans’ Affairs committee, and I feel very, very strongly that we owe it to these veterans and veterans that have experienced any kind of environmental impact on their health anywhere in the country or the world, for that matter, during their services, so I’m working on that and love to connect with you.”

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