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In The Balance: Post-Debate Campaign Ads Respond To Ayotte's Viral Trump Moment


In the Balance is NHPR's blog looking at the race for U.S. Senate between Republican incumbent Kelly Ayotte and Democrat Gov. Maggie Hassan.

In the wake of their first televised debate, Kelly Ayotte and Maggie Hassan are both out with ads. Both underscore how last night went.

Governor Hassan’s web-ad, “Absolutely,” is part of a six-figure digital buy targeting women. It looks to put an exclamation point on the moment from last night’s debate that went viral.

The ad highlights highlights Ayotte’s since-disavowed comment that she would “absolutely” tell a child to be like Donald Trump, and compiles now well-known clips of Trump belittling former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado; mocking Hillary Clinton, and insulting Fox News Host, Megyn Kelly.    

Watch the ad:

Ayotte’s new spot, “Leader,” will air on TV. It highlights safety and national security. It includes footage of Ayotte prosecuting Michael Addison, New Hampshire’s lone death row inmate, grainy footage black clad extremists, and questions Hassan’s national security credentials and asks “Who do you trust to keep New Hampshire safe?”

Watch the ad:

It’s a far cry from the ad Ayotte released before the debate, “Inspiration,” which featured her mother and daughter, and a sunny message of intergenerational female can-do.

Watch the ad:

What a difference a day makes.

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