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Obama Presses GOP on Tax Cuts

President Obama promoted his job creation plan in Manchester today.  The president focused on one specific item in that plan, the extension of a payroll tax cut.

Obama:  Hello NH.  It is good to be back

At the packed gymnasium of Manchester Central High School, a feisty Mr. Obama said next week, Republicans on Capitol Hill will get the chance to prove whose side they are on.

"Do you want to help working families get back on solid ground," he asked,  "Or do you really want to vote to raise taxes on nearly 160 million Americans during the holidays?"

The current payroll tax cut expires in December.  The president wants to pay for an extension in part by raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans – something Republicans oppose.

An Occupy Wall Street  group briefly interrupted the president’s speech.  Mr. Obama acknowledged them and later in his speech said concern for them and  many other people was the reason he ran for office.