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North Country

In The North Country, A Vigil For Orlando Victims


About 100 people gathered at the All Saints' Episcopal Church in Littleton to grieve and hear some members of the LGBT community share stories of the fear, hurt and sadness of the past, while expressing  hope for a better, more compassionate and safer future.

“I won’t walk down the street holding hands with my girlfriend because you never know who is going to have a problem with it," said Dayna Flumerfelt.

“And, that being said, I have it good. But what does it say about society when people are afraid to hold hands?"

Courtney Vashaw, the former principal of Profile School told the group "Life is too short, too precious and too precarious to live in fear."

She urged the group to "commit to not only filling the world with love, but with education and understanding. Let us commit to educating ourselves and the world around us to the possibility of a world without fear."

Chris Jensen for NHPR

Father Curtis Metzger, who is gay, urged everyone to work for peace, be strong and have faith that things change and will get better.

To hear the entire vigil go here.