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Two Dems Declare Interest In Vacant North Country Senate Seat

Less than two weeks after Sen. John Gallus, a Republican from Berlin, said he wouldn’t seek another term representing the North Country two Democrats say they would like to take his place.

They are Jeff Woodburn and Paul Ingersoll, each of whom has previously served in the House of Representatives.

Woodburn, 47, is a free-lance reporter and owns White Mountain News.com.  Before that he had a real estate business focusing on historical buildings and was a teacher. The Whitefield native lives with his family in Dalton.

Ingersoll, 66, is a Berlin native who worked as a police officer in Plymouth as well as the Grafton County Sheriff’s department.  He moved back to Berlin in 1984, managed the Berlin airport and now owns a driving school and ice cream parlor.

A primary is scheduled in September.


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