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Friday is for Memes: Wikipedia "Please Read" Banners Remixed

Please read: a special remix of an urgent appeal by Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales.

We all go to Wikipedia, which means we've all seen those banners. "Please Read: A Message from Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales." Where the "face of Wikipedia" has his face all over Wikipedia, asking for donations to keep the system running.

That alone was meme fodder, but then the late 2011 drive included new faces along with Jimmy's - programmers, server managers and other staff. All of which led to a sometimes disturbing but sometimes very funny series of revisions to the "please read" banner ads.

Know Your Meme has the full rundown; despite the saucy language, I did enjoy seeing a picture of Jimmy Wales with the caption "I've done all your essays since 2008... give me some ******* money." (Just for the record, don't expect public radio to steal that line for any upcoming fund drives.)