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The N.H. News Recap For Sept. 17, 2021: Local Pushback To Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

A man speaks at a microphone, with another man standing in the background.
Todd Bookman
State epidemiologist Dr. Ben Chan speaks during a press conference, flanked by Gov. Chris Sununu (R).

Every Friday we dig into the week’s top headlines. This week, opponents to President Biden’s new vaccine mandate rallied outside the State House on Tuesday.

As demonstrators heckled speakers, Republican House Speaker Sherm Packard yelled at the crowd, “we’re out here to try to help you, and now you’re attacking us.”

Gov. Chris Sununu announced he’ll work with other governors to challenge the federal mandate. And the Executive Council voted to block contracts for health centers that provide abortion services.

And Sununu said up to 200 refugees will come to New Hampshire after they were evacuated from Afghanistan.

Plus, as always, we answer your questions.

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  • Todd Bookman, NHPR
  • Josh Rogers, NHPR

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