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U.S.-Canadian Trail Celebrates History Of Indian Stream Republic

This weekend in Pittsburg, a group will gather to inaugurate a new historic trail - linking New Hampshire and Canada.  NHPR's Daniela Allee has more.

At one point in New Hampshire’s history, a few people banded together to create an independent republic that straddled what is now the U.S.-Canada border. 

It was called the Indian Stream Republic, and it only lasted a few years.

Now, Americans and Canadians have worked together to pick 16 different sites in both countries to highlight that history.

Each one will have a panel in English and French explaining that history. 

David Covill is the president of the Pittsburg Historical Society.  He says the project took three years to develop, and he’s excited to share it with the community.  

“There’s been a few books written on it, a lot of papers written on it, but nothing physically out in the community that people could go and actually read about it,” he said. 

Half of the sites are in Pittsburg and the other half are in Canada. 

Later, people can explore the maps under the Culture and Heritage section of the Ondago app. 

The inauguration for the course starts at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday in Pittsburg.

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