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Grant Helps North Country Kids Gear Up To Ski

For years volunteers in Lancaster and Littleton have run the Mount Prospect and Mount Eustis ski slopes to give North Country kids a chance for low-cost winter fun. But one thing was missing: the kids.

Standing at the top of the newly opened Mt. Eustis last year, organizer Dave Harkless wondered why.

“Where is the local youth? They are not up here. And then we finally realized the local youth don’t have access to equipment.”

And Sunday, he and volunteers from Mount Prospect were trying to remedy that.

Thanks to an Tillotson Fund grant they had 150 pairs of skis, bindings, helmets and gloves and were fitting young kids from the North Country  

Jen Lamontagne of Berlin was there with four children.

“You can imagine if you multiply outfitting all four of them it would be quite the expense, so we are blessed to be able to be here.”

The loans are good for the season.

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