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In Walpole, a Glimpse of Roads That Don't Put Cars First

Seuss Hawkeye Métivier via Flickr CC

Changes are coming to the streets in Walpole Saturday, including new traffic patterns, bikeways and walkways. It's all temporary - part of an effort to show how relatively small design changes can create a safer space for cyclists and pedestrians of all ages.

"I grew up riding my bike pretty much everywhere," said Cheryl Mayberry, who sits on the town's select board. "These days, there's not a lot of safe places for parents and kids to get out and ride around or walk comfortably."

The changes are part of a nationwide effort called "Complete Streets" that's been gaining ground in recent years. It's essentially city planning that doesn't prioritize cars. The town of Walpole adopted a Complete Streets policy in May, joining several other New Hampshire cities and towns. 

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