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NH News

Fish and Game: Spate of Snowmobile Accidents Highlights Need for More Officers

NH Fish and Game Department

A total of eleven snowmobile accidents were to blame for three deaths and multiple injuries across New Hampshire this past weekend. Officials with the state Fish & Game Department say they need more officers to handle the volume of calls.

The accidents ranged from snowmobiles crashing into trees, catching fire, and falling through thin ice.

Three people, including a 15-year-old from New York died after falling through the ice on Lake Winnipesaukee in two separate incidents.

Major John Wimsatt is with the state Fish and Game Department. He says the sheer volume of incidents is straining the agency.

“We are simply at our max capacity. We have the lowest historical staffing levels that we’ve had in decades; it’s simply not enough for us to meet the demand that we have today.”

There are over 41 thousand snowmobiles registered in New Hampshire. Owners are required to take a safety course to receive their permit.

Last year there were three snowmobile related deaths all winter.

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