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With City Approval, UNH Manchester Prepares For Move

Ryan Lessard

  Manchester city officials have approved the sale of UNH Manchester’s main millyard building to Segway inventor Dean Kamen’s company.

The deal includes a long-term lease agreement with Dean Kamen’s company which owns the much larger Pandora building. UNH Manchester’s Interim Dean Mike Hickey says construction will begin Monday and they hope to complete the move to Pandora by next Spring break.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do between now and then in terms of building out full five floors of that building. We’re going to reserve the sixth floor for our future use so that will not be under construction at this time.”

Hickey says the new building provides the school with an additional 17,000 square feet—enough space to increase enrollment by 50%. UNH has the option to eventually buy the building.

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